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Application Process & Interviews at Fujitsu

8.8 rating for Recruitment, based on 8 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
3 Interviews
The interview process wasn't stressful. The conversations were engaging and natural.
The interview and assessment process was fairly clear at each round. It was easy to organise and easy to track as well. There was quite a bit of time between some of the assessments and the interviews however
For me, it was only one interview (15 minutes) and I was selected directly after that. The assessments were completed in one day, so overall whole process was done in 2 days
two rounds of interviews: one as answering certain questions and emailed back to HR manager, second as interviewing face-to-face with company's director and team manager.
Online assessment, video interview and then a final interview with my manager.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Tell me about yourself? What's your story? What are some of your schooling degrees? What are your past working experiences?
What do I enjoy doing outside of work? What was the most challenging situation I have had to deal with at work? What do I enjoy doing at work? What have I done for wok?
Fairly standard questions like whether I knew what the role was, what was a challenge I faced, and a few others along those lines
Behavioural and Technical (Business Analyst role) SharePoint, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Platforms
1. skill level of SQL and Python 2. preferred way of management 3. introduction of myself 4. the reasons of applying this company
Mainly about my previous experiences and then also some behavioural questions.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Be yourself and enjoy the interview process. Try and make it fun and casual as you will always communicate better if your having a natural conversation.
Show an interest in the company you're applying for! Do some research about your company and find a connection that shows why you want to work at this company. I applied to Fujitsu because it aligned with my purpose driven values and talked about their solar panel agreement with a First Nations company. Also looks into the job role and pick out the few key skills you would need and prepare examples. A lot of business admin roles require some degree of adaptability and stakeholder management- soft skills that you might have had plenty of experience with in uni or working part time!
Be honest, be open about who you are. Fujitsu accept you for who you are.
know your resume and understand more on what this company offers as services and products.
have a think about why you want to work for Fujitsu and how the purpose matches your own